Some Words from Yesterday

Yesterday was good. The talk of hard work. Pick ourselves up, and brush ourselves off, and begin the work... What are the chances of a President asking citizens to work hard? Thank you. I like truth.

What are the chances that the goldenrod bug would fly there, then? Thank you. I like your stubby antennae and golden-green glistening body.

My friend, the 'cycle of life' friend, he watched me let the bumblebee cling to my fingertip. He blinked, "What the..." I stroked the bee and watched his rear legs flex and felt his body bzzzz. "Here," I pointed at my friend. "He won't sting." My friend, he paused, laughed (most laughter is not because the situation is funny), took the bee and petted him. He told me later that he tried to get others to hold bumblebees, but they were not quite ready. Thank you. I like to watch flowers sag under your weight.

The bzzz of the bumblebee. Try it this summer. It is something look forward to.