Three Women

Her cart was in the middle of the aisle. Her boyfriend said ‘hi’ to me. I mumbled a reply, not even words, really. That cart was in my way. She stared at me. I navigated my cart between hers and the shelves. She did not move.


She was wiping down the gas pumps while I pumped gas. I said ‘hi’ just as squatted down to continue her work. She looked up, smiled, and asked how I was. An honest smile. I returned her smile with my own and wished I said hello while she was standing.


I had the expectation that she might not be friendly. She had disappeared when I entered the store. She was friendly. My hair was messy. Hers was not. We talked about wildflowers, clothing, Ocean City, Maryland, and paying the rent. She asked if the shopping was good in New Jersey. I said no. We both wished we had longer torsos.

At night

At night, when we settle down to sleep, my son is not ready to sleep. Sometimes, I ask him a question, to focus his mind, and help his body let go of the day.

“What kind of farm animal would you chose to have?” I ask.

“A jaguar,” he replies.

I laugh and think of how I’d prefer a jaguar to a hog or a chicken or a horse.

“He could be best friends with Mountain*,” he adds. “And, protect him.”

*Our cat.

A Visit to Valley Forge National Historical Park

A Visit to Valley Forge National Historical Park

We’ve been heavy into Revolutionary War since our December re-enactment tour. Last night Beren and I finished reading aloud We Are Patriots: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book Two. In the story, Hope’s city, Philadelphia, is taken by the British. Meanwhile, Washington and his troops are headed to Valley Forge. It was a nice move to visit Valley Forge today.

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Small Business Owner

You know why I love having a small business? Because I work with good people. (Yes, you know Jared is good). My Mom slugs soil into pots a half day a week the whole growing season. I get to hang with my Mom for 4 hours a week. I would not likely be able to do that if I had a ‘job’.

I get wonderful emails from customers who truly want to know how I am. They tell me about their lives, and I’m rooting for their growing children or grandchildren, college application process, ill spouse, exciting travels, or new business, just as much as I am rooting for their pollinators and American persimmons. They send articles, links and videos. They encourage me to home school. They ask interesting questions. They complain about their weeds, and I encourage them to keep going. They are courteous, kind, and funny.

This stuff is great!