Rachel Mackow

is a writer and photographer. She lives with her family in northwestern New Jersey near the Musconetcong and Delaware Rivers.


And yes, I just wrote about myself in the third person up there. I mostly quit that twenty years ago when I was a student in art school.

A professor had assigned the the task of writing an artist bio. Tricky. Writing about yourself. Writing about yourself when your chosen method of representation is visual. More to the point, the challenge, writing about myself.

The options were to pen: 1.) obscure, unclear, and unmoving artspeak, or 2.) concise, descriptive, and unmoving description of my media, or 3.) a rambling and possibly unmoving story interwoven with the previous two items.

Option 3 appealed to me. And then, The Shagbark Speaks.

Thank you for reading!

With spirit,


Bio photo by Cari Ellen Hermann at top left. Thank you, magical Cari Ellen for this photograph. What a fun couple hours, laughing about all kinds of eye-brow raising things.